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Beautiful Honey. Just pick your flavour – check out the other pots and simply tell us at checkout which honey you would prefer. Buy three or more and we’ll add the dipper.

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Our Passion and Mission!

Here at Stella and Clare, our passion is gifting and our mission is to support local kiwi’s and their businesses.  From Birthdays boxes to Sympathy gifts and everything in between, we want you to find joy and comfort when receiving and unwrapping one of our specially curated creations.  At the same time, you will be supporting a local business and not a huge international corporation.  You will be helping a kiwi family send their little girl to ballet lessons, or give a kiwi family a chance to buy their own home.  Not funding a CEO’s 4 holiday home in the Bahamas.  We believe supporting one local business at a time, can keep our team of 5 million going strong!  Thanks to Covid, we have found a new sense of what supporting local means and what it means to kiwis in all walks of life.

J.Friends and Co Honey has a very special place in New Zealand!  What sets them apart is that they don’t blend their honey, each bottle is unique to a specific time and place.  With beekeepers all over New Zealand, each batch has a “taste of place”.  Their honey was also the first in the world to achieve carbon neutral status and can be traced back to its source, vintage, region and bee keeper – an absolute treat!  

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