Stella Clare came about during Covid-19. There were so many emotional feelings during that time that we wanted to support New Zealanders more than ever. We have spent many hours sourcing 100% NZ Made.  There are lots of gift sites owned by New Zealanders but we wanted to go one step further. Everything to do with Stella Clare is NZ made. More kiwis are therefore in work. Where possible we source eco-friendly & environmentally friendly products. Everything in our store is made in NZ including the wrapping paper!

Let’s support the team of 5,000,000 by buying 100% NZ Made.

We have found so many products from very clever Kiwis. Prices of our gift sets may be a little higher than others but that’s because the products aren’t made overseas.

Check what people say about us

Altura coffee is my favourite from the Altura family  It has a fantastic malty flavour, and is a great way to start the day.​”

Rebecca Chandler

Lovely! Gorgeous Bottle and lovely fragrant oil for special time between baby and buying two more gifts !!

Jane Benton